Saturday, 22 July 2017

How To Write Hello World In C++

Learn C++


#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    cout << "Hello world!" << endl;

    return 0;


Output hello world in c++
Hello World


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  1. Temperature Conversion Celsius to Fahrenheit in c++ and vise versa please guide me with detail example with good comments thanks

  2. please discuss prime numbers
    A positive integer which is only divisible by 1 and itself is known as prime number.

    For example: 13 is a prime number because it is only divisible by 1 and 13 but, 15 is not prime number because it is divisible by 1, 3, 5 and 15. I want to select prime numbers from first 100 numbers in c++ code

    1. c++ code to print first 100 prime number please correct it
      using namespace std;

      int main()
      int n, i;
      bool isPrime = true;

      cout << "Enter a positive integer: ";
      cin >> n;

      for(i = 2; i <= n / 2; ++i)
      if(n % i == 0)
      isPrime = false;
      if (isPrime)
      cout << "This is a prime number";
      cout << "This is not a prime number";

      return 0;

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  6. Networking and Wireless Communications
    Discuss about the Networking and Wireless Communications.

    IoT was initially presented by K.Ashton in 1998, in the area of networking and wireless communications. IoT gained progressively more attention in various industries. By embedding the short-range of portable handsets into a huge array of additional devices along with the everyday items IoT gained a lots of attention. IoT not only enables the innovative types of communication between things and people but also between the things themselves. IoT also adds an innovative measurement to the entire world of data and communication. The primary quality of IoT is the best and superior impacts it put on various aspects of day to day life as well as on the behavior of the potential clients. From the perspective of the private client, the most evident impact of ‘Internet of Thing’ will be obvious in domestic and in the working fields. This report is investigated by completely understanding the organization’s IOT requirements. with the help of different journals and articles. I prepared this report with the help of the employees and the Chief executive officer of the organization. Moreover, ‘Internet of Thing’ will also face some new issues and also confront some concerns related to the efficient usage of the assets. Chief Executive officer of my organization hired me as an ICT manager and made this report on the innovative IoT applications which our organization will develop in coming five years. For the organization’s survival, it is significant that these innovative “Internet of Thing” applications have the business potential both globally and locally. This report also includes the possible positive and negative impacts of IoT on the organization and this includes the security of data as well as privacy issues for IoT applications.

  7. Applications of IoTs

    IoTs current use and applications of IoTs

    ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is the computing idea that depicts the future of IoT where daily-based physical items will be associated with the Internet and is also capable of identifying themselves with other devices. Things are regularly distinguished either by the assigned identification names, numbers or location addresses. The different potential benefits provided by the ‘Internet of Things’ make it possible to develop those applications which are IoT-based, in which some of the IoT applications are deployed (Chen, 2014). Nowadays, IoT will surely become an intelligent application for the smarter homes, smarter offices, smarter hospitals, smarter enterprises as well as for smarter transportation devices.As the advantages of the IoT picks momentum, numerous associations are likewise attempting to determine how adequately they upgrade its current Information Technology designs and functions to take benefit from this new trend IoT ("The research of IoT architecture model and internetworking mechanism", 2013). The Internet of Thing alludes to a framework administration of the physical products using implanted sensors, an actuators, as well as different appliancees that can transmit or gather data regarding the devices. IoT will empower process advancements like never-ever before. As data flow becomes quicker, the decision to select IoT will be made more rapidly in the organization to expand the responsiveness of organization (Chin & Weaver, 2015).

    In Medical as well as in Healthcare Industry: Internet of Things will have numerous applications in healthcare department, such as utilizing mobile phones with the RFID-sensor abilities like a platform suitable for checking of drug delivery and medical parameters help health industry to monitor each parameter carefully (Yalcin, 2016).

    Manufacturing Industry: Connecting devices with IT, either through installed smart devices and by utilization of unique data conveyance the identifiers which can connect with an insightful supporting network system and data frameworks. Production procedures will now be easily streamlined as well as entire lifecycle of the objects from the production to the disposal is easily monitored (Floerkemeier, 2008).

    Production Industry: ‘Internet of Things’ can give various advantages in the field of retail and also in supplying chain administration operations. Such as, with the help of RFID-equipped products as well as with smart shelves which help to track the current products progressively, a retailer can streamline numerous applications .

  8. Potential IoT Applications

    Autonomous control and Ambient intelligence: Ambient intelligence, as well as autonomous control both, are the new potential application of IoT which utilizes in R& D organization increase the business of the organization. This application Ambient intelligence along with autonomous control don't necessarily need Internet frameworks, either. Yet, there is a small shift in research or exploration to coordinate the concepts or ideas of the IoT, as well as autonomous control, by using initial results towards this considering objects like a driving force for self-governing IoT ("Survey: IoT Vehicular Information Network", 2015). Later on, with the help of this IoT application, IoT may be the non-deterministic as well as the open system in which the auto-composed or intelligent substances, virtual symbols will surely be interoperable and ready to act autonomously, contingent upon the setting, circumstances or situations (Vukovic, 2015). Independent behavior through accumulation as well as the reasoning of data in addition objects capacity to distinguish changes in nature, shortcomings influencing the sensors and reasonable alteration measures represent a noteworthy examination trend, unmistakably expected to provide credibility to the IoT innovation. Cutting-edge IoT arrangements and devices within the commercial center utilize an assortment of different advancements to backing context-aware computerization, however, more complex types of knowledge are requested to allow sensor units to be conveyed in genuine situations ("HEMS base on the IoT smart home", 2016).

    Cloud-based Application: Every sensor-equipped gadget might be small, yields only incremental knowledge. Cloud-based IoT application makes real-time and reliable preparing of the IoT data very easy, and the storage products ensure all organizational data economically and efficiently (Stallings, Agboma, & Jelassi, 2014). IoT application on the Cloud-based Platform lets the organization to make it easy to solve queries of the business sector as well as increase the efficiency of the working environment, without dealing with any infrastructure (Hwang, Seo, Park, & Park, 2016). Utilizing Cloud-based smart application as the base of organizations IoT capability, it will stream as well as transform the data when it arrives with the Cloud Dataflow, and provide a unified programming framework for both the batch and streaming information assets. Cloud-based “Internet of Thing” SaaS framework gives a virtual “Internet of Thing” devices to provide a scalable and flexible framework. The IaaS gives flexibility by managing heterogeneous “Internet of Thing” devices. The SaaS gives scalability by diminishing end clients of the computational overheads and empowering on-demand allocation of IoT devices ("Smart healthcare: from IoT to cloud computing", 2013).

    IoT applications used to give opportunities to enhance R& D business both globally and locally

    There will be almost 20.8 billion gadgets on the IoT by 2020. Many types of research estimate that about 30 billion gadgets will be remotely associated with the IoT by 2020. As technology experts as well as engaged Internet client, I as an ICT manager experience that the IoT embedded as well as wearable computing provide widespread or beneficial impacts to the organization. It is clear that with the help of’ Internet of Thing’ large number of gadgets and devices are being connected or joined with the Internet (Slama, Puhlmann, Morrish, & Bhatnagar, 2013). Therefore, both the applications provide various opportunities to organizations to expand business both globally and locally. However, both potential applications of the Internet of Thing are not limited to just a few areas but they also help to expand the business of small Development and Research company in Melbourne ("IoT for Healthcare", 2016).

  9. Advantages of IoTs applications

    Cost savings: With the help of both these applications, expenses can be decreased through the utilization of enhanced asset and provide efficiencies to various IoT devices as well as increase the productivity of the organization. Clients and R & D organization experience benefit from enhanced asset use and service upgrades.

    Improved asset usage: With enhanced tracking of the resources by using sensors as well as web connectivity, R&D organization gain benefit from the constant insights, therefore, permeability in benefits and in supply chain management increase ("IoT multiplies risk of attack", 2015).

  10. Disadvantages of IoTs applications

    Network Foundation confinements of the present Internet framework in the terms of manageability, mobility, availability, as well as scalability are a few major barriers and issues to applications of Internet of Thing. Few security and privacy issues are faced by the organizations while using both these applications for instance security of architecture of Internet of Thing, security of IoT framework from the arbitrary cyber attacks, security of design and execution of IoT. Organizations face issues of proactive identification as well as the security of IoT devices from various malicious software (Isikdag, 2000).
    Ethical, Legal and social considerations

    Expectations of the effect of IoT on society frequently overemphasize innovation's part as well as accept a relation which is not at all present. There is therefore, a danger that research of the IoT will organize the differentiated relics and disregard the cultural parts of IoT’s specialized frameworks as well as data foundations. Assaults on digital physical frameworks concentrate on basic gadgets or frameworks; they give a colossal measure of exposure prompting notoriety harm, alarm, prompting the fortune trove (Klock, 2000). There is a considerable measure of legacy gadgets required alongside keen gadgets, nonetheless, despite everything we say troublesome in light of the fact that it influences advancements, for example, cloud and versatility. Morals in IoT ought to be a piece of the organization society. Security, Privacy, data ownership, inappropriate circumstances for the collection of data and ethical as well as usage of data are some of the ethical,legal as well as social issues of IoT ("Survey Paper on Web Services in IOT", 2015).
    Positive impacts of IoTs

    Ability to wirelessly communicate: The devices on Internet of Thing will never gain importance unless they interact with each other as well as with the user. Therefore, it is significant to have the preferably best wireless communication ability between the things and the user which both IoT applications surely have (Mavromoustakis, Mastorakis, & Batalla, 2014).

    Monitored remotely: Another quality which both of these potential IoT applications provide to R & D organization is the capability to monitor the devices remotely on the internet.

  11. Negative impacts of IoTs

    Lack of standards: Likewise with all innovative technologies, the fight for the best technological model always remains a struggle.

    Data security as well as privacy issues for IoT application

    Despite the huge potential of Internet of Thing in the several spheres, the entire communication framework of the ‘Internet of Thing’ is flawed from several security issues as well as it is susceptible to lose the privacy of the data of end users. In IoT, two different problems , security, and privacy of data are brought up. As hackers and cyber criminals made numerous malicious to the data security of the end users (Narasimha Murthy & Vijaya Kumar, 2015).

    This study concludes that when someone looks at the current state of technologies, then they get a brief indication about how the ‘Internet of Thing’ will be actualized on the high level factors in the coming five years. This study also helps to get a clear indication of the significant aspects that surely be further designed for making the large-scale arrangements of IoT in an organization. This report overviews the most critical parts of IoT with specific core interest on the issues and concerns about IoT. While the recent technologies in IoT make the idea of Internet of Thing feasible, a numerous challenges lie before making large-scale and real-world preparation of the diverse IoT applications or prgrams. In the coming few years, challenges of IoT will be surely a powerful way to deal with such challenges.IT divisions of R& D should give and back a vigorous establishment whereupon IoT will be based. Sensors, information stockpiling, enormous information investigation, and merged systems will assume a significant part as associations re-architect to get ready for IoT. Security strategies will be a standout amongst the most critical ranges that should be updated. As the present arrangement of IT approaches basically LAN hardware as well as a data center.

    Mitigation of different cyber attacks is necessary to secure it from attackers, therefore, a reliance of users on the passwords should be properly done to secure the IoT devices from attackers. This reliance is easily done by accessing the systems, devices, as well as applications with outdated or effective techniques. Attackers commonly count the clients for attacks those who implement the passwords based security protocols, which opens the way for attackers to create an assault, for example, Trojans and viruses. An effective platform for Device management should be the best way to enroll each device as well as to generate the device authentication component in an extremely secure way. Number of advantages and benefits IoT provide will allow the organization R&D to execute and design IoT devices in organization.Device identification, approval, authentication and observing all require a secured type of communication. Therefore, connectivity, as well as Connectivity Management, should be done to experience the benefits of IoT. Applications should be Internet-based, cloud-based, smart-phone based as well as local server based that actually create the benefits for the client.There is a need to make a security or value durability techniques for the organization. This study also recommends that as the universe of IoT turns into a reality, it is getting to be obvious that IoT guarantees huge advantages for organizations, it will include real changes in the different way they work. It has also been recommended that Roth the help of IoTs electrical efficiency of the computation devices increase day by day.