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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

C++ Fundamental Programming Questions 4

Fundamentals of programming

Question 1:

Write an algorithm and then a C++ program that asks the user to enter temperature of type double and if the temperature entered is greater than the normal temperature (given by the programmer) then the program must calculate the degrees of fever by subtracting normal temperature from the temperature given by user.

Question 2:

Draw the flow Chart on a paper before writing program.
Write a complete C++ program of the following illustrations.

A user purchased certain items; if the items purchased are greater than zero then average cost of the item will be calculated and displayed with appropriate message otherwise appropriate error message must be displayed.
The program will contain three variables num_Items, average_Cost and
total_Cost of type integer and real respectively. Assign appropriate values to num_Items and total_Cost and then perform the task given above.


What is wrong with the following if statement (there are at least 3 errors). The indentation indicates the desired behavior. (Check it either manually or by writing the whole code in a C++ source file in a complete C++ program)

if numNeighbors >= 3 || numNeighbors = 4
cout << "You are dead!" << endl;


Write if statements to do the following:

Ø  If character variable tax Code is ’T’, increase price by adding the taxRate per-centage of price to it.

Ø  If integer variable opCode has the value 1, read in or input double values for X and Y and
      calculate and print their sum.

Ø  If integer variable test is even or odd.

Ø  If integer variable current Number is odd, change its value so that it is now 3
       times currentNumber plus 1, otherwise change its value so that it is now half of

Ø  If integer variable Number is multiple of 3 or not

Ø  Assign 1 to the integer variable leapyYear if the integer variable year is a
       leap year. (A leap year is a multiple of 4, and if it is a multiple of 100, it must
      also be a multiple of 400.)

Ø  Assign a value to double variable cost depending on the value of integer variable
      distance as follows:
       Distance                                                 Cost
----------------------------------- ------------------
0 through 100                                          5.00
More than 100 but not more than 500    8.00
More than 500 but less than 1,000         10.00
1,000 or more                                         12.00

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