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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Software Requirement Specification (SRS) Document

Student Result Management System
     Develop a system that will manage the record of the students of a university or college. It will keep information about all students. It will keep record of marks obtained by students in various subjects in particular semester or class. It will display the result in form of a report.

Software Requirement Specification:

Software Model:
The software must have the capability to accept the student record entered by the user. It must save the data in the same very table of the particular class or semester entered by the user for that student. The software must automatically calculate some data in the backend and display the average marks or final percentage of results In the record of that particular student, so as to when user enters the student name and id, the software generates the result report.

Functional and system requirements:
·         When administrator wants to enter the records of the student, he must enter his user id and password.
·         When user enters all the details and marks of the student, the program must prompt the user to check if all the information entered by the user is correct.
·         After the information has been submitted in the database, the user must be able to edit the data, In case he unintentionally entered wrong.
·         The software itself must calculate few results, such as percentage of marks, average marks etc and get them written in the respective fields.
·         The software must generate the report of the student on clicking generate button.
·         It must be able to calculate fee structure of the students record’s course and a fee slip must also be generated.

Technical Requirements and System Quality:
·         When administrator wants to login to the user and clicks on the software icon. The software must automatically take him to the administrator login panel.
·         Software must ask the user if he wants submit, edit or generate a report for a student.
·         The software will not be accessible unless administrator enters his authentic details such as user id and password.

Implementation Constraints:
1.      Software must be an application built in java platform.
2.      Software must work efficiently on Linux and UNIX operating systems.
3.      Software’s result report must be generated in .pdf file.

 ER Diagram:

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