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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Visual Basic And Object Oriented Programming

     Object oriented programming approach differs in many ways as opposed to procedural programming techniques. Object oriented programming had an immense effect on the ways programs were written using structured programming approach previously. While, object oriented programming had many advantages, therefore computer programmers shifted to object oriented programming techniques. Procedural programming had difficulty to handle the problems which dealt with objects in the real world applications, e.g. humans, houses, plants, etc. According to Lafore “problem with the procedural paradigm is that its arrangement of separate data and functions does a poor job of modeling things in the real world,” (p. 13). Here is where object oriented programming comes into play.

 Object oriented programming techniques provided a better way to programmer in writing program codes based on objects. It made programming far better and easier to understand. Object oriented programming deals and focuses on problem being solved rather than focusing on the way data items are stored in the computer memory. In my opinion, object oriented programming proved advantageous. Software companies have huge demands for people who have strong object oriented programming skills. That’s why object oriented programming has become tremendously popular in the recent years.

 Object oriented programming has influenced me significantly. I started learning object oriented programming in C++ as my mother language in university. Before learning object oriented programming, it was a pre-requisite to have sound understanding of structured programming techniques in C++. It became very easier for me to write codes based on objects. These programming techniques required sound understanding of classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, etc. which made object oriented programming convenient.

Visual basic programming language is basically designed for developing GUI (graphical user interface) system programs. It took a week or so to learn programming syntax of visual basic, as I had previous programming experience. The buttons and labels in visual basic studio were easily made on forms and functionality was easily incorporated into those buttons using VB programming language. The overall syntax of VB was quite different to C, C++, etc. However, some syntax like operators and if statements were similar. Moreover, MS visual studio also incorporates Context-sensitive help. The Context-Sensitive Help is assistance from MSDN. It helps in terms of programming syntax when you are using VB in MS visual studio, move your cursor to a built-in function on the screen and click F1. You will be automatically taken to MSDN website for help. When you add a button to form, open properties dialog box of button, point show help on a help-provider to true. Now as you click the button you will be referred to website. You can also visit library on VB to learn about VB programming functions. The authentic website of Microsoft provides a sound understanding of basic functionality of functions in visual basic.

 Microsoft has also introduced .NET frameworks, which are used to build applications primarily for windows platforms. Visual was a very powerful language introduced by Microsoft which embedded the techniques of object oriented programming. As C sharp is very powerful language, people now a day tend to learn C# more than visual In my opinion, visual is going to fade away over the coming years due to high level languages which provide a better and easier way to write codes and develop quality applications.

Lafore, R. (2002). Object oriented programming in C++, fourth edition. Indiana, USA. : Sams Publishing.

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